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Diversity Speaker

Diversity Speaker

Natalie Keng is a pioneer in the area of innovative leadership development and is the Founder and CEO (“Chief Eating Officer”) of Global Hearth™, a multi-faceted business that leverages the power of food and culture to promote team-building, employee engagement, talent retention and inclusive leadership in support of corporate ESG, DEI, Health & Wellness/HR initiatives through its Cooking Up a Better World™ platform. She has led 500+ presentations, specialty food and culture events, international food tours (the original Buford Highway tour), and positive-forward diversity workshops with professional organizations, law firms, and Fortune 500 companies. 


Natalie's creative, original, interactive presentations like Stir Fried America,™ are entertaining, interactive, and impactful. Popular presentations interweave poignant, humorous Buddha to Bubba”™ story-telling, participant engagement and performance demonstrations through the intersectional lens of food, culture, diversity, and sustainability. Natalie is popular as a lively and refreshing feature or keynote presentation.


Ideal for:

  • Annual Conferences & Meetings

  • Employee Orientation/Training

  • Teambuilding & Employee Engagement

  • Diversity & Employee Resource Groups

  • Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG Initiatives

  • Premier Events & Shows

  • Leadership Summits

-Virtual or In-Person

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Together, we can “open minds, one mouth at time!”

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