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Bestselling Author: Natalie Keng

"Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea is a love letter to the American South"
-Southern Living Magazine

Every dish tells a story, whether it’s barbecue or balut. Just like putting labels on people, the judgments we make about a particular type of food or who makes it says more about ourselves than anything else. Food has always been used to bring people together and forge relationships among different cultures.

My coffee-table cookbook, Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea,  includes a collection of  recipes drawn from my own palate, travels and unique identity. The dishes, sauces and drinks are my version of authentic, even if they don't fit perfectly into any textbook genre. Many of the recipes are lovingly sprinkled with entertaining, cross-cultural "Buddha-to-Bubba" tales of the Deep South through the prism of Asian and Southern family and food traditions. I present these cherished recipes in the hope that they will become part of your family's supper-table favorites and evolve into your own version of authentic 

Praise for Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea

“Natalie’s poignant tales of the Deep South and her affinity for finding ‘intersections’ offer a delightful, unprecedented take on the importance of changing mindsets in the boardroom and at the kitchen table. Imbued with the classic American enigma of tra- dition versus innovation, these homegrown recipes are yet another example of how the pluralistic role of steward and changemaker often falls on—and is accomplished by—women.”

—Gail Evans, executive VP, CNN (ret.)

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