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Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea is a uniquely Southern and American gift that will be enjoyed every day... and treasured for a lifetime. Book sales through Global Hearth benefit local food initiatives and women entrepreneurs. Join me in Opening Minds,  One Mouth at a Time™.  Together, we will be Cooking Up a Better World™!

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Southern foodways intersect with various Asian-American tastes in this fusion cookbook of 100 recipes celebrating inclusivity and diversity at the dinner table with the best from various cultures, cooking styles, and comforting foods.


Ni Hao, Y’All! Welcome to the dining table, a special, sacred place. Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea is a cookbook full of tasty Asian-American and Southern fusion dishes, sauces, and drinks that home cooks will enjoy preparing and sharing.  More than just recipes, it is also chock-full of entertaining tales of Natalie's childhood in the Deep South and her food journey to becoming The Sauce Maven™ that make it a wonderful gift or coffee table conversation piece.


With recipes like Fried Chicken Spring Rolls With Honey, Rainbow Black-Rice Salad, Okra and Tomato Stir-Fry, Black-Eyed Pea Hummus, Georgia Bourbon Coca-Cola Meatloaf, Golden Milk and Sorghum Hot Toddy, and of course, several recipes for egg rolls and sweet teas.

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Support Women Authors and Entrepreneurs!

During our limited time offer Gift 1, Get 1, grab a gift for your favorite reader or foodie from our Cookbook Collective™ when your pre-order a copy of Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea. 

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A corporate gift that makes your mouth water--and makes a difference!

Cook Up A Better World™ for Employee Appreciation, DEI, Leadership and Client Gifts. Treat your employees, clients, and colleagues to something truly special


 Raise funds for a

Nonprofit, your club, school  or your own dream project/goal! Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea was my dream come true, now it's your turn!

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Support your local, brick and mortar bookstore and locally owned bookstores across North America.

The pandemic has had lasting effects on them. 

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Praise for Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea

“Natalie’s poignant tales of the Deep South and her affinity for finding ‘intersections’ offer a delightful, unprecedented take on the importance of changing mindsets in the boardroom and at the kitchen table. Imbued with the classic American enigma of tra- dition versus innovation, these homegrown recipes are yet another example of how the pluralistic role of steward and changemaker often falls on—and is accomplished by—women.”

—Gail Evans, executive VP, CNN (ret.)

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