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Culinary Presenter & Guide

Culinary Presenter & Guide

At a moment in history when our economy and social networks are still recovering from a historic pandemic; seen a dramatic increase in the number of remote employees; and tragically, witnessed how fear-based beliefs can fuel divisiveness; now more than ever, intentional, positive-forward experiences and interactions help engender a sense of empathy, trust, camaraderie, and a common purpose. 

Together, we are Opening Minds, One Mouth at a Time®


Popular and Custom Themes:

  •  Stir Fried America™

  • Cooking Up a Better World™

  • Together We Can: Wrap ‘n’ Roll Dumplings™

  • Eat, Shop & Explore Tours

  • Dim Sum Delights™

  • Getting’ Saucy: The Sauce Maven™

  • Wok the Garden™

  • 1-Minute Stir Fry™

  • Natalie’s Signature Purple Snushi™ Rolls

  • Earth Day, Every Day™

  • Snack Attack™

  • Virtual Options

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Together, we are "opening minds, one mouth at time!”

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